Cares & Cleanings

Dentures require good oral health and hygiene habits just as natural teeth do. It is important to continue to have regular dental checkups to evaluate the tissue around your dentures as well as to make sure you still have the proper fit, comfort, and function.

Daily cleaning can maintain the excellent appearance of your dentures and help prevent possible related health problems. It will prevent build-up of plaque, tartar, food, and stains, which can cause poor appearance, mouth or breath odor, gum irritation, and/or mouth infections. How to Keep Your Dentures Clean.

The most effective way to keep dentures clean is by daily brushing, in combination with soaking the dentures in a denture cleansing solution while you sleep. When dentures are removed while you sleep, your gums and tissues can breathe and will stay healthier. As an alternative, you can place your dentures in denture cleanser for at least 30 minutes each day. Before dentures are placed back in your mouth, lightly brush the cleanser off with water. If your dentures have metal, be sure to use a denture cleanser recommended by your dentist to prevent corrosion.

Remember to remove or brush your dentures over a towel or water-filled sink since they will break if dropped on a hard surface. Also, rinse your dentures under water or brush after meals to remove food debris, and prevent plaque or stains. At a minimum, brush dentures before going to bed. Do not use scouring powders or abrasive cleaners as they will scratch the dentures resulting in a tendency for your dentures to collect debris, develop plaque, and become stained. Use a denture or regular soft toothbrush remembering to use a separate brush for any natural teeth you may have. Be sure to clean all areas of your dentures. Ultrasonic cleaning can be done during a regular visit to our clinic to remove stain and tartar.

Other Helpful Hints

•    Do not soak or rinse dentures in hot water as this can distort their shape.
•    Never scrape dentures with a sharp instrument or use a hard bristled brush.
•    When not in use, dentures must be kept in water or denture cleansing solution to maintain proper fit.
•    Gums should be cleaned daily with a soft toothbrush or washcloth.
     This removes plaque and debris, and massages and stimulates circulation of tissues

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